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Strong’s Locksmiths Services are the 24-Hour locksmith Gateshead businesses and householders can rely on. Excelllent customer service and competitive pricing. Some locksmiths advertise as an emergency service, but prefer to pick and choose the hours they work.

If you’ve ever lost your keys or suffered from a broken lock, you’ll know that these emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time before they strike. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be the victim of intruders who have damaged your doors or windows, you will need immediate help – and the most common times to discover signs of intruders are when you come home in the evening, or late at night.

At these times, you can call on the emergency locksmith Gateshead residents trust for a true round-the-clock service: Strong’s Locksmiths Services.

What does a day in the life of a 24/7 emergency locksmith look like?  Our technicians don’t sit at home all day waiting to from someone suffering a crisis – there are plenty of constructive ways we can help customers in between times. We often receive calls from customers who are having problems with UPVC windows or doors. When these installations have been in place for many years and have been heavily used, it isn’t unusual for the locks to begin to fail.

This can show up as a looseness in the mechanism, or a sticking when you turn the key or handle.  For this kind of lock repair Blyth customers are usually happy to wait a few hours. This isn’t an emergency as they can still access their property and keep it secure, but we still get round to them as quickly as we can.

When performing a window lock repair Blyth engineers prioritise customer safety, and if we can’t fix your windows on the spot we’ll make sure it’s left in a safe condition until we can come back with the necessary parts and finish the job.

We can also supply and fit full sets of locks to householders who have just moved into a new property.  No one likes the idea of strangers having keys to their home.  By calling in the locksmith specialist Gateshead Strongs Locksmiths homeowners can keep their families safe without a fuss.

Another aspect of our work is keeping businesses secure.  By calling on our locksmith services Gateshead businesses can protect their premises, their employees and their customers.

As a 24 hour locksmith, we can be called out as an emergency at any time.  Our mobile ‘phones are always on, and whenever someone can’t get into their home, or can’t make it secure, we’ll be on our way as quickly as possible.  Our other customers are very understanding when we need to respond quickly to an emergency.  When a property owners finds themselves in such a situation, they wonder “Where can I find an emergency locksmith near me?”.  We are the locksmiths Gateshead locals know they can trust for a prompt and professional response.

Life as a 24/7 locksmith in the Gateshead area is never dull, but we are proud to offer help to our customers whenever they need it, day or night.  Contact us to learn more.

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A competent, professional, no VAT locksmith service specialising in emergency door opening 24/7, 1 hour service.

All locks guaranteed and quality checked. Domestic and commercial locksmiths.

24/7 Emergency Service, Excellent aftercare service, No Call out Charge, 30 minute response time, No VAT, OAP/Student discount at 15%

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