4 Tips on How to Secure your UPVC Doors

Here at Strongs Locksmiths, we are experts in installing UPVC locks. Our expert team is available 24-hours to assist with any problems that may arise. We specialise in multi-point mechanisms as they are a popular choice throughout the UK. We know many people invest in UPVC locks to ensure that any outdoor entrance point is as secure as possible. Therefore, they must maintain their excellent secure mechanism system. For those wanting to know how to maintain and secure high-security UPVC locks, we would like to share our 4 tips on how to secure your UPVC doors.

Use With Care

We know how easy it is to slam a door, however, what you may not realise is that over time it can cause significant damage to the multi-point mechanism. The damage can become so severe that you may end up having to completely replace the hardware. We advise avoiding slamming any multi-point system entrance as much as possible to maintain longevity and ensure the mechanism remains intact.

Additional Securing Mechanisms

There are many options that you can consider to enhance the security of the multi-point mechanism. These include chains, sash jammers, dog bolts to name a few. Our team is available to discuss your options and what you could consider. If you are particularly worried about intruders, they can provide an additional hurdle and help secure ??UPVC doors from any forced entry attempts.

Anti-Snap Cylinder

Even though the mechanisms of UPVC provide superior security than that of the average options. If you are looking to upgrade what you have, another option you could consider is a UPVC door barrel replacement with an anti-snap euro cylinder. This option will prevent any lock snapping offering better security than the typical euro cylinder. It will also mean that it cannot be picked.

Maintenance Checks

As with any product, they can develop faults, and you may notice some changes that were prior not noticeable. Stiffness, rattling noises, or any form of difficulty of use should be checked out. Even if you can still secure your entranceways, that nagging feeling of something is not quite right could still be on your mind. Any changes could be a sign of early issues and left unchecked could lead to damage. To put your mind at ease, we advise getting it checked out by an expert. Most of the time, it will most likely be a minor job with a small adjustment. Either way, it is better to avoid significant damages through a quick check.

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