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It is a common predicament that we all have experienced at one time of another. Either we have lost our keys, locked ourselves out by leaving our keys on the other side of the door, or found that no matter how hard we try, the key just won’t seem to work the door! Locksmiths have long recognised this as a common problem, one that no doubt they have also experienced at one time or another. So, for this purpose, you can find a reliable, trustworthy, emergency locksmith service in the area of Gateshead.

In some cases, you may need to call out an emergency locksmith repair due to a burglary. This is the normal way of things worldwide and therefore also within our own communities. Gateshead is no different. This is a very distressing situation, and understandably it is recognised that you will need to be reassured and feel safe and secure again in your own home as soon as possible. By providing you with a quick response to this emergency, you can get back some peace of mind after your harrowing experience.

24-Hour Locksmith Gateshead

It offers a 24-hour service that aims to be with you within the hour, so that you can continue organising your affairs in other matters of importance. Strongs can replace or repair the lock to your doors or Windows, conservatory or patio, roller shutters and garage doors. We can also provide repairs to your burglar alarms and does security upgrades should you feel the need.

Strongs is run and operated by Steven Armstrong who has been in trade in this business for 5 years. In that time, he has built up an excellent reputation among his customers and those that have required his emergency services. His company is a member of Checked and Vetted, which means that people in Gateshead can have a reliable review in their local area. Reviews have rated him a reliable, prompt, and honest, professional, and friendly.

This Checked and Vetted service means that when you call for a job to be done, you know you are going to get what you need and pay for. Steven will also give you a rundown of what is needed for the job and how much it is going to cost, so there are no nasty surprises later.

If you experience any further problems then Strongs provide an excellent aftercare facility that can help you with any further emergencies or problems you may experience. There isn’t a call out charge, so again there is no need to worry over added cost or charges. The quote you get from Steven is the amount you pay, with no extra VAT charges either.

For more information on this service available in Gateshead, check out the website at www.strongslocksmiths.co.uk

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A competent, professional, no VAT locksmith service specialising in emergency door opening 24/7, 1 hour service.

All locks guaranteed and quality checked. Domestic and commercial locksmiths.

24/7 Emergency Service, Excellent aftercare service, No Call out Charge, 30 minute response time, No VAT, OAP/Student discount at 15%

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