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Keyless Door Entry Systems

If your home has UPVC doors, as opposed to more traditional wooden doors, chances are you’ve realised these types of doors come hand in hand with their own set of unique security problems. But not to worry.

Here at Strongs Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on ensuring the safety and security of our clients and specialise in ways to make every home a safe space for people to live in. One area that we excel in is UPVC door entry systems, so if you’re in the Blyth area and looking for help with this part of your home, you’ve found the right people for the job!

In the past, electronically controlled locks simply did not fit UPVC doors – they remained within the realm of wooden and metal doors. But with rising demand, we’ve managed to come up with options that better suit the ever growing market of individuals whose homes have UPVC doors fitted automatically.

This means that rather than having to undergo the task of completely replacing your front door to be able to use keyless door entry systems, you can simply have a new system fitted and reduce the overall cost and workload of the task!

These entry systems generally work in the following ways:

  • Some UPVC door entry systems will use a kind of fob, where you approach the door holding the fob, scan it, and the door will unlock.
  • Some UPVC door entry systems will require an entry code. You approach the door and type in a code into a keypad. The door will then automatically unlock once the correct code has been entered.

UPVC Door Systems

The thing with door entry systems is that you can’t really fit them yourself – in the same way that you probably wouldn’t be able to fit a standard lock into your door yourself. This task requires years of specialist training and the benefit of experience to get it done the right way first time round. This isn’t an area that you want to risk getting things wrong.

after all, the security of your home is at stake. Having the work carried out by a non-professional not only puts your home and its contents at risk, but it could also void your home insurance, as you haven’t sufficiently protected your home against risk.

The good news is that by calling Strongs Locksmiths, you’ll guarantee yourself high-quality service with certified professionals. The UPVC door entry system will be fitted to the best standard and will be entirely secure for you.

You can also be sure that you’ll receive longevity with the product. It’ll be working fully, so you needn’t call anyone back out to rectify coding or mistakes. So, if you’re looking for UPVC door entry systems blyth, you know who to reach out to! We’ll do the job justice and your home will be secure, yet easily accessible for you at the same time!

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