How To Remove A Key Stuck In A Lock

How To Remove A Key Stuck In A Lock

Here at Strongs Locksmith Services, we can provide an emergency locksmith service from our mobile service that serves the Full North east of England. One reason why you may require our services is if you have got your key stuck in a lock. If you find yourself trapped outside your home, unable to get in, or unable to remove the key to go inside when unlocked, you would do well to contact us. However, we can also offer some handy hints and tips for how to remove a key that has become stuck in a lock.

Determining The Problem

We understand that once your key has become stuck it can be a stressful situation. The first step is to stop what you are doing, step back and return to the issue when calm. It could be the case that the key has broken, or the full key could be stuck in the lock. Whether it is the lock to your house, car, or office key, it is a situation which you are sure to want to get out of as soon as possible.

Full Key Stuck In A Lock

If the full key is stuck, the first step is to lubricate the keyway with a graphite lubricant in order to spread it when rocking the key. It can help to gently rap on the key with a blunt object whilst turning and pulling it, but you must be careful not to do this too hard, or you could risk breaking it inside the lock, and making things worse. If you are able to move the door, do so in order to remove the tension between the latch or bolt and the strike plate. Simultaneously try to move the key as this may free the lock if you are doing this correctly.

Broken Keys In A Lock

Having a broken key in a lock is not necessarily better or worse than having a full key stuck in a lock, but it does present a different set of problems. It is likely you will just need to find the fragment to pull it free. You will need a tool that can grip this fragment, such as tweezers or pliers, if it is sticking out, or something that can go into the keyway alongside the broken element, such as a mini hacksaw blade. You will be able to turn the tool into the fragment and then quickly pull it hard towards yourself whilst gripping the it. Continue this process until the broken key is completely removed.

Strongs Locksmiths has specialist tools for extracting broken keys.

If All Else Fails

If you find you are unable to retrieve your keys, make sure to save our contact details below to use our locksmith services. A full key that is stuck is a sign that the lock itself requires replacing, whilst if your key has broken in a lock, it is possible for the locksmith to copy the broken key to allow you to access your property without changing the lock itself. There are more considerations required for specific situations, whether a house lock, a car lock, or a office lock.

At times locks that have failed keys will need to be replaced and this is something Strongs Locksmiths can do for you no problem.

Contact Us

If you find yourself in this position, rest assured that at Strongs Locksmith Services, we are checkatrade approved, and will be able to tackle the issue with urgency.

For more information about our removal service, please visit our contact page to complete our online form, or email us at You can also call us on either 07948 977952 or 01670 638 074 and we will be happy to help with any queries you may have for us.

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