UPVC Door Locks Middlesbrough

Better Boro Locks For Your UPVC Doors
One of the big benefits of having a UPVC door fitted is that they are sturdy and secure, offering real protection for the home. However, that’s only true as long as you can rely on the locks. At Strong’s, we offer UPVC door locks to Middlesbrough customers whether you’re fitting a brand new door or need to replace a lock that no longer does the trick.
Call us on 01670 638 074 when you feel like your lock is letting you down or when fitting a new UPVC door and we will do what we can.
UPVC Door Locks in Middlesbrough
The team at Strong’s UPVC & Locksmith Service has helped a wide range of both residential and business customers when it comes to fitting, maintaining, and fixing UPVC doors. As such, we know how to take care of them and how to select and fit the locks that will meet all your needs.
From ERA to Union to Yale to Chubb, we have a wide selection of locks on hand. Moreover, when you work with us, you can expect all of the following benefits:
No VAT on any of the locks we fit
A 15% discount for OAPs, helping keep costs down
A guarantee on all locks we fit so if there are any issues, we will fix them at no extra cost
24/7 locksmith support so if you need us in an emergency, we can be there in as little as one hour
With our UPVC door locks for Middlesbrough customers, you can make sure that not only is your door getting the security it needs, but you’re getting the service you deserve as a customer.
The UPVC Door Experts You Need
If you’re looking for any help with UPVC doors on the Teeside, then Strong’s is the competent, professional service that you need. We understand UPVC doors completely, including the special multipoint lock system and the multiple locking mechanisms that make them so secure. We can take care of a range of issues, including when the locking points go out of alignment, when you can’t fit your key in the lock, or when the key won’t turn. As such, we can help you make the necessary fixes so that you don’t have to go through the much more costly process of buying a new lock.
The Teeside Locksmith You Can Trust
When we help you with UPVC door locks in Middlesbrough, we will only offer the service that you need, not what we think will make us money. If we can repair the lock instead of having to replace it, we will do just that. We can also help with all kinds of UPVC door repairs, including fitting faulty door hinges or upgrading parts.
When it comes to UPVC door locks in Middlesbrough, there’s no-one who knows them and can fix them as quickly and cost-effectively as Strong’s Locksmith Services. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to help as soon as we can.

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