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How To Stay Safe At Home

Here at Strongs Locksmith Services, we offer a specialist locksmith service from our base in Blyth, enabling you to secure your home and making sure only the people who live there have access to it. Today we are going to focus on some home safety tips to prevent burglary.

Know The Facts

When it comes to protecting your home from burglaries, it helps to be informed of the facts. This is not so to become afraid, but in order to know the potential risks and to enable you to take control of your home and take the necessary precautions. Looking at the statistics, it has been shown that 39% of burglaries take place during the day. This is when burglars might presume that people won’t be at home. Furthermore, a staggering 70% of burglars gain access through the front door, 58% of burglaries happen when someone is in the home, and break-ins cause an average cost of £668 in damages, and £3,234 in stolen items.

Burglary Safety Tips

Apply Your Knowledge

Taking these statistics into account, if you are out during the day, make sure to keep doors and windows locked at all times. When at home, only open windows when necessary, and if any entry point is wide open, make sure that you are in sight of it. Secure your home by making sure your locks are of the highest security. You may also want to install CCTV, which can allow you to monitor your property when away, providing video evidence of the criminals, should a crime take place. If you have valuable items that may attract thief, you may also consider installing a safe to keep such valuables out of sight.

Other Top Tips

Burglars often choose to enter a home when they have seen a vehicle park outside, and this will give them access to the keys. However, some criminals may steal your car even without your keys, so a garage may keep your car safer. That said, both garages and sheds are usually less secure than the property itself, and can contain tools that may enable a thief to gain entry into your home. You could secure such tools by locking them away, so you can feel safe in your house, knowing you are doing everything in your power to prevent a break-in.

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