The Benefits Of UPVC Locks

The Benefits of UPVC Euro Cylinder Locks

UPVC Euro Cylinder Locks

UPVC Euro Cylinder locks are one of the most common types of locks due to their wide spread availability, production and light weight, but the main purpose of locks is for security. To ensure everything inside is safe and secure, read on to find out more about the benefits of UPVC Euro Cylinder locks.

Did you know that the weak point of the door is the Euro Cylinder on your door ? If you have a weak lock this would be easy to access for any professional Burglar.

High Security Locks

At Strongs Locksmiths Services, based in Blyth, we provide replacement UPVC Euro Cylinder locks and handles for doors throughout the North of England. Our aim is to offer you high-security UPVC locks, which we can offer as part of our 24-hour installation service. If your property has a lock fitted before the year 2009, we recommend that you to get these locks replaced in order to enhance your security.

The Euro Cylinders used by Strong’s Locks are 6 pin in preference if the standard 5 pin and they are anti snap and anti drill and they carry British Standards meaning they have passed quality checks.

On Request we can provide the highest quality locks on the market – 3 star Abus or Yale. Give us a call and can measure up and have them fitted the next day.

Great Replacement Locks

If you’ve moved home recently Strongs Locksmiths thinks its best practice to change your locks as copy keys can exist.

Perhaps you have had an incident where your current lock has been tampered with. If you’ve suffered a break-in, it can leave you feeling vulnerable. Replacing your locks is not only a practical necessity, but also of psychological importance. It’s vital that your lock replacement makes you feel safe again, whether in your home or business. This is why our high-security UPVC Euro Cylinder locks are a great replacement even in urgent situations.

Highly Versatile Locks

As experts at supplying UPVC locks, fixtures and fittings, we not only install these locks for doors on different properties, but we can also fit UPVC locks to other areas that are in need of locks, such as installing UPVC window locks. (you might have lost your keys)   Additionally, we can help with handles, letter boxes, window hinges and weather strip installations. Specialising in locks and handles for UPVC doors, we can also provide 3-star cylinders for doors making the door burglar-proof.

Rigid and Robust Locks

UPVC doors that use Euro Cylinders were originally developed in the 1970s in Germany and this type of lock has since become the industry standard for window and door lock installations throughout Europe, as well as outside the continent hence the name,  ‘Euro cylinder’. UPVC stands for ‘polyvinyl chloride’, with the ‘U’ referring to it being ‘unplasticised’. The result of this is that the locks provided have a high level of rigidity and robustness.

Low Maintenance Locks

The UPVC material is not only firm and hardy, but it is easy to maintain. Available in a range of different finishes and colours, UPVC locks are a great alternative for painted wood without the same level of maintenance.

Different Lock Options 

We at Strong’s Locksmiths make your lock Choice simple cutting the jargon and endless information that can confuse us. We can assess and give you a choice within minutes and give you that piece of mind. If the lock is available we can supply and fit this for you and if we cant provide you with what you want we will clearly and fully explain why and explain this fully.

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If you’re looking to install better or replacement UPVC Euro Cylinder locks rest assured that at Strongs Locksmith Services, we are checkatrade approved, and specialists in UPVC locks and handles. We know this market and we want to help you. For more information about our UPVC Euro Cylinder locks please visit our contact page to complete our online form, or email us at You can also call us on either 07948 977952 or 01670 638 074 and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.

Strong’s Locksmiths is looking forward to your enquiry and your phone call as we love helping people their security needs!

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