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Here at Strongs UPVC & Locksmiths Services, we are an emergency locksmith offering security to domestic and commercial clients in Blyth, UK. We provide a range of services, including lock upgrades and new window handles. Our fully trained team of locksmiths offers repair and replacement services, and expertise on the best home security tips for windows, doors, and garages.

There are many methods of deterring and preventing burglars from entering your property. Today we are going to look at how you can improve the security of your home and entrance points.

Additional Door Security

Clients in Blyth depend on us for gaining entry to their locked property and replacing locks. We know that the existing lock isn’t enough to deter thieves from breaking into your property, so we also offer additional security advice and services.

Front, back, and patio doors are the most common point of entrance for burglars. If your door has the existing lock installed with no further security, your house could be vulnerable to break-ins. To improve the security of your door, we can fit and install additional fixtures such as 3 Star cylinders – designed to be the most difficult locks for thieves to gain access to, door chains, and cam locks.

Additional Window Security

As homeowners tend to prioritise securing their doors, windows can be an easier point of access for burglars. To prevent break-ins and secure your home, we can install a range of additional window security. Make sure your window locks have a key and can be lockable. Our UPVC window locks offer top security across your whole house by securing your doors and windows. For additional window security, you can install locking window handles, window restrictors, and sash jammers to let in fresh air without giving thieves an entry point.

Additional Home Security

When thief-proofing your home, you need to think like a burglar and secure all entry points. At Strongs UPVC & Locksmiths Services, we can offer expert tips and fittings for break-in prevention. If your property has a lock that was fitted before 2009, or worn-out locks and handles, then we advise you to replace them to secure your home. It is important to make sure the frames, handles, and letterboxes to doors and windows are in excellent condition as thieves can exploit any vulnerabilities in your property.

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