How Cold Weather is Affecting your Locks

A frozen lock is a security lock stuck in place and cannot be opened. There are many reasons for a frozen lock. The most common one is that the door knob freezes to the winter air. This can happen if you open the door and then close it again, or if you leave the door open during cold weather.

To fix this problem, there are a few things you can do:

-If it’s not too cold outside, use an ice scraper to scrape off any ice on the knob to help loosen it up and break apart any ice that might have formed inside of the lock mechanism.

-If it’s too cold outside, use boiling water or warm water to try and melt any ice inside of the lock mechanism by pouring it into the keyhole and letting it drip down into the rest of the mechanism.

-If neither of these methods works, then you will need to call a locksmith or emergency locksmith service provider to come out and assist you.

3 Easy Ways to Clean Locks

Locks can be a pain to clean because of the small space and the tight corners. However, there are some ways that you can use to clean locks without even having to take them out.

  1. Use a toothbrush

This is a really simple way to get into those tight corners and spaces. You can find one of these at any store for just a few bucks!

  1. Use WD-40

WD-40 is an excellent cleaner for locks because it has such a potent solvent in it that will cut through any dirt or grime on the lock and dissolve it right away!

  1. Use Vaseline or petroleum jelly

This is another option if you don’t want to use WD-40 but still want something with some cleaning power! Just apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly all over the lock and then wipe off with a rag after 10 minutes or so! This should do the trick!

However, if all these tricks don’t work then you can call us and we will surely help you out.

How to Unjam a Lock

The following is a guide on how to prevent your lock from unjamming.

1) Apply lubricant to the latch. This can be done by inserting a few drops of oil or lubricant into the latch and turning it back and forth a few times.

2) Remove the key from the lock and use it to gently push down on the lever.

3) Check for any obstructions that may have caused the jam, such as dirt or other debris. Remove these so that they do not get caught in the lock again.

4) If there are no obstructions, you may need to replace your lock with a new one if it is old or worn out.


Unlocking a lock when it’s frozen or jammed is not an easy task but after reading this article you can do some methods which can help you to unlock your lock. If still, you didn’t get any solution, then you can reach us. We provide all locks-related services at a budget-friendly price.

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