Keeping Your Home Safe

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We all have a fundamental need to feel safe, no matter what age or gender.  And we all except the fact that you cannot trust everyone.  Security should begin at home, where we are in a safe haven, where we can relax and make the most of our own environment, and just be our best selves. Therefore, when considering security many people simply want the best and most secure product that is required to keep families safe.  So, rather than ordering a large quantity of locks for one door, along with several bolts, padlocks and chains, often making sure you choose high quality locks is considered the better option.  Quality over quantity.

Euro cylinders fall into four main categories. Standard security six pin cylinders. One star cylinders that are mainly anti snap (the body snaps before the core keeping the lock integral after attack), two star cylinders (less common), and the highest security being three star cylinders.

Do your research as even three star cylinders have varying reviews and there are better ones on the market than others.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Here at Strongs Locksmith Services we have attended the homes of people who, in the past, have suffered damage to their locks, usually due to a break in or attempts on the doors or windows.  With our expert lock replacement and repairs, and our professional knowledge in caring for UPVC lock repairs, Blyth based customers need not overly concern themselves with who to call upon if and when this happens.

Strongs Locksmiths can provide three star cylinders at an affordable price putting you at ease for the future.

When you know you have a professional service nearby that will support you through this difficult and somewhat upsetting occurrence, it means that you can get on with taking care of what matters and ensure you and your family can recover from the event, as you carry on protecting your family and home in the best way possible. We guarantee a friendly face and an understanding and helpful team complete any repairs or lock replacement Blyth customers need to help them feel safe again.  It is also worth asking our locksmiths for advice on how to reinforce the areas that the intruders came in from, as a security weakness has now been revealed.

Believe this or not bot the Euro cylinder is the weak point on the door. If your cylinder isn’t up to scratch this will enable an entry point.

Don’t compromise on your home security. Get three star cylinders fitted today by Strongs Locksmiths.

There is a lot of helpful home security advice available, but to ensure you are getting the right tips and ideas it is best to ask those who are established in the trade of home locks and protection.  If you have been asking “how do I best keep my family safe and my belongings protected?”, contact us today.  We would be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

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However, understandably, people really want to know what security measures they can put in place before any break in or attempt on their home property occurs.  What can they do to deter any intruders from ‘trying out’ there locks, door and windows?  Below are just a few homes security tips to help you in keeping your home safe.

  1. Lock your homes even when in doors.  Some thieves will scope out a home and area.  If anyone watching perceives that when you go upstairs, or perhaps when you are hoovering, you are less likely to hear your door opening and closing, they will take that opportunity.
  2. Limit access to entrances and exits.  If you have a back garden door, it might be worth considering fencing the area off, and padlocking your garden gates.  These kinds of measures can put intruders off, and make your home less of a target.
  3. Check for vulnerable areas.  Do you have a rooftop that may allow someone entry through a bedroom or bathroom window?  Making sure you put other security measure in place either making it difficult for intruders to climb, or putting in cameras that gives you a good view of any ‘blind spots’ at your property, can also deter intruders.
  4. Consider a security light that activates when a person is around.

So, should you need us in an emergency for lock repairs, Blyth can rest assured we will be with you as quickly as possible.  For any other advice or information on our services, contact us today.

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